Category "Counseling & Coaching"

  • Direct Support Professional + HIV & AIDS Program

    Our Direct Support Professional + HIV & AIDS Program combines learning to provide care for individuals with developmental and or physical disabilities with teaching healthcare professionals about HIV/AIDS and the OSHA Guidelines.
  • Wellness Coaching Associate Program

    Our Wellness Coaching Associate Program will focus on helping people to improve their lifestyle behavior by applying the principles and processes of professional life coaching, to the goals of lifestyle improvement for higher levels of wellness. 
  • Stress Management Coach Program

    Our online training Stress Management Coaching Entrepreneur Program is for students desiring to work professionally as a stress management coach. It also explores the skills required to run a prosperous Stress Management practice, from setting up business to working with clients.
  • Nutrition & Fitness Professional Program

    Our online training in Nutrition and Fitness Professional Program focuses on helping others adopt a healthy lifestyle.  Many people are concerned about personal wellness and have a need for health information.  This program will provide students with the knowledge of how food nutrition promotes optimal health, and how to help others accomplish the healthy goals they have for themselves. 
  • Life Skills Coach Program

    Our Life Skills Coaching Program will help you learn the skills you need to become a successful Life Skills Coach while also helping you create the business you want. Throughout this course you will be working on your business plan and creating a quick comprehensive overview of the elements you want in your new business while also learning how to help clients to identify life purpose, recognize and combat obstacles, maintain a positive mind-set, and live with integrity.
  • Stress Management Coaching Level 2

    Every day, more and more people are realizing the ongoing benefits of stress management therapy. Whether people suffer from work related stress, or need to cope with the rigors of a busy lifestyle, our Stress Management Coaching - Level 2 course can teach you how to help people find tranquility in their day through a number of coping techniques.
  • Stress Management Coaching Level 1

    Stress Management Coaching - Level 1 is more than just a course about stress. It is an experience. You will find a toolbox of skills for immediate application and for immediate benefit to prevent and manage stress in your life and the lives of others. You will learn about stress; you will learn and practice specific techniques; and you will be inspired to continue a life-long program of stress management. Stress Management Coaching is a growing field that provides powerful approaches to a healthy and balanced life.
  • Life Skills Coaching Level 2

    Life Skills Coaching - Level 2 takes students step-by-step through the coaching process, covering all the crucial ideas and strategies for being an effective, successful life coach. This course moves seamlessly from coaching fundamentals to more advanced ideas such as helping clients to identify life purpose, recognize and combat obstacles, maintain a positive mind-set, and live with integrity. In the Level 2 course you will discover ways to help clients succeed and grow. 
  • Life Skills Coaching Level 1

    Life Skills Coaching is one of the fastest growing professions in the world today. It is a key component of individual's success as well as an organization's toolkit for developing leaders, working with teams, and helping employees at every level achieve their personal and professional best. Through this course you can discover the techniques and tools for becoming a successful Life Skills Coach! Prerequisite(s): None
  • Fitness & Nutrition Coaching

    Our Fitness and Nutrition Coaching course provides all the information you need to coach others to their optimal health. This comprehensive guide will show you all the aspects of health and wellness and how they can be applied to unique individuals. Health is not just the absence of illness but it’s a feeling of overall well-being. This course takes a personalized approach that guides you through the development of an attainable and enjoyable fitness and wellness program.